This photograph was taken only a few metres from the one below just after the sun had dipped below the horizon. Reflected light off the clouds and atmosphere illuminated the flax in the foreground with just enough soft diffuse light to capture this image with full detail in the foreground. I used a three stop soft graduated neutral density filter to hold back and darken the sky. This whole coastline is subject to quite a bit of weather and it is not uncommon to get really huge storm swells crashing into the rocks. Philip (my Guide) wrote to me after I returned to Melbourne to let me know that he had been back to photograph five metre waves crashing into the rocks only a week after my visit.  It was however extremely calm during my trip; so much so that the usual spouts from the blowholes at Pancake Rocks were still. Punakaiki is great location for landscape photography with many varied opportunities for composition and light and is a location I hope to return to sooner rather than later (late 2010).


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