We have just arrived at our Hotel in the Skaftafell National Park – approximately 350km from Reykjavik. Along the way we stopped to photograph the cavernous waterfall Selfoss, the rugged Icelandic coastline at Kirkjufjara and the black sand beaches at Vik. Iceland is an absolute wonder. The landscape is incredibly surreal with moss covered lava flows, mountains, glaciers and waterfalls – in fact, there are waterfalls everywhere and I have already lost count of how many we passed in just a single days driving.There are photographic opportunities everywhere I look and it is just as well I am not driving the 4WD or we would be stopping every few minutes and never get anywhere. Thankfully our guide Daniel Bergman is steering us toward all of the better locations.


Now its time for a power nap and some dinner before heading out to the Jokulsarlon lagoon at sunset to photograph the luminous blue icebergs that have carved off the nearby glacier. Sunset is about  8:30pm until roughly 11:00pm local time – yes; sunset lasts that long! Then there will be a short period of an hour or so of semi-darkness before sunrise and more photography. Sleep? Nah… to much to see and photograph!

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