This morning we rose at 2am from our accomodation in the Highlands and headed into an area known as Veidivotn for sunrise; which is just northeast of Landmannalauger (where we will be shooting sunset around 11pm this evening). Veidivotn like much of Iceland is an alien landscape consisting of mountains of black tephra and a large number of crater lakes from a massive volcanic eruption. Veins of luminous green moss spread out across the black volcanic tephra sands in a surreal off-world landscape that is more akin to the planet LV-426 from Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’ than anything you would expect to find on Earth. The veins of iridescent green moss glow in the soft morning light against the black tephra sands. Deep blue lakes lie in the volcanic basins creating a totally surreal other worldly landscape that is simply wonderful for photography.


This photograph was taken from the rim of one of the many crater lakes with both the LEE 10-Stop ‘Big Stopper’ Neutral Density filter stacked with a LEE 3-Stop Hard ND Filter to hold back the sky. The exposure time of four minutes has allowed the clouds to streak across the sky adding drama to the image. This photograph for me captures he essence of Veidivotn .

Tonight we are headed into Landmannalauger where there are multi-coloured volcanic mountains, sulphurous vents and small lakes. I have seen some very good photography from this area and look forward to seeing it for myself.

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