A couple of weeks ago I licensed some of my photography to a New Zealand company named Black Fish that produces high quality calendars that contain iconic images of New Zealand’s North and South Islands. The Calendar should be available for purchase around the middle of this year 2011 in New Zealand. At this stage I am unsure if copies will be available outside of New Zealand in retail outlets – however, it will no doubt be possible to purchase copies online for various online e-tailers. Or, I will have several copies which I am happy to make available to any readers who wish to purchase one. Revisiting my 2009 photography from New Zealand’s South Island for this calendar project has been a very enjoyable experience for me – almost as enjoyable as actually being there. I am now very much looking forward to going back in July this year. This photograph was one of my favourites from my last trip to the South Island. Taken by helicopter as the sun was setting across Mount Cook and Mount Tasman. We had removed the doors from the helicopter to enable better viewing for photography. My primary memory is how cold it was. It was-19 degrees celsius ambient air temperature and a fair bit colder with wind chill; but the scenery was stunning, the conditions perfect and the frost nipped fingers well worth the effort.

Last Light


  1. Posted February 19, 2011 at 6:29 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Taking Such a wonderful picture with not so good atmosphere and cold too is a bravery kind a thing. I am amazed with the way you have taken the so beautiful picture.

  2. Posted January 27, 2011 at 11:51 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Striking photo! What a fabulous sight! Amazingly beautiful! Thank you very much for sharing!

  3. Posted January 25, 2011 at 5:27 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Amazing. Really it is an outstanding photo I have ever seen. I can’t imagine that how did you feel at the moment when you actually saw this scene.

  4. Posted January 17, 2011 at 2:53 am | Permalink | Reply

    NZ is definitely breathtaking. I would definitely love to go there someday.

  5. Posted January 16, 2011 at 11:57 am | Permalink | Reply

    Thanks John!

    I am going back to NZ South Island this July – very much looking forward to it.

  6. Posted January 16, 2011 at 10:34 am | Permalink | Reply

    Congrats my friend! I have to laugh as my version of that “same” shot is also titled “Last Light” (

    I’m psyched for your success and I have added you to my blog roll to hopefully share your great work with an even wider audience!

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