My most sincere thanks to all the people who attended the opening of the ‘New Photography’ Exhibition last night at Source Photographica in Melbourne. The joint exhibition that included some of my work from Iceland last year as well as work from three other Australian photographers has been some months in the making and it was really terrific to see all the work up on the gallery walls. I arrived about an hour after opening and was both overawed and extremely flattered at the turn-out  – I couldn’t even get a car park and had to bump shoulders to even get in the door. I have no idea what the final numbers were for the evening; but I guess there would have been a good hundred and fifty+ people there when I arrived and probably another couple of hundred or so come and go in the hour I was there. And It was still packed when I left.

Thank you again to all those who attended. It was a great pleasure to speak to some admirers of my work in person and I am hugely appreciative of all the wonderful feedback. If you did not have the opportunity to attend last night you can still visit as the exhibition is open until the 21st of April in Brighton Melbourne at www.sourcephotographica.com.au

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