Sticking with the waterfall theme the photograph of the month for September is the waterfall ‘Godafoss’; which literally translated from Icelandic means ‘Waterfall of the Gods’. Godafoss is one of Iceland’s most beautiful and easily accessible waterfalls. The waterfall is formed by the cascading glacial waters of the river Skja’lfandafljo’t; which has cut a horseshoe canyon through the rock forming the shape of the falls. Despite the fact that Godafoss is smaller than many of Iceland’s famous waterfalls it is strikingly beautiful and was one of the many locations I had been really looking forward to visiting and photographing. As fate would have it the Gods would smile on my visit to Godafoss and deal an amazing hand with some of the most stunning light I have experienced for landscape photography. A higher resolution version of this photograph can be seen in my Iceland portfolio at www.jholko.com. If you enjoyed this post and photograph please hit the share button and share it with your friends.

Dawn at Waterfall of the Gods

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    What an excellent pastel landscape, thanks to the light the gods and the waterfall of the gods provided you. Thanks for introducing us to this place via your vision of it.

    Steve Schwartzman

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