I am heading off to Tasmania this weekend for a few days to visit the Wilderness Gallery where my latest exhibition ‘Colours of Iceland‘ is currently on display. I always enjoy going to Tasmania and am looking forward to spending some time photographing around Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain; weather and light permitting. The weather at Cradle Mountain can be fickle and very much does its own thing – irrespective of what the weather man has to say. The last few times I have been there the weather has been very overcast, dreary and wet; which in and of itself I don’t normally mind. However, it would be nice to get some good colour in the sky at sunrise or sunset to contrast the overcast conditions I have previously experienced. Fingers crossed….



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    Fantastic shots man! When I was over in Tasmania a couple of years ago I had a blast photographing, the abundance of natural beauty and changes in seasons makes it the ideal location for photographers. You should check out this great article on – Tasmania Through A Lens – it’s an interesting take on it, plus it’s got some great photographs of Tasmania too.

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    Have a great time. The Wilderness Gallery is a jewel near the mountain! Fingers crossed for great (contrasting) weather.

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    Hi there!

    Great shots of Iceland. I see you were at the highlands, that´s one of the most spectacular places on earth.


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