I am an Australian born Professional Photographer specialising in Landscape, Nature and Wilderness Photography from around the world. Wilderness, Nature and Landscape Photography is my passion and my profession. I have been interested in photography since I was around ten years of age (that seems an awfully long time ago now….). I began by shooting 35mm chrome slide film (primarily Kodachrome, Fujichrome Velvia and Provia) before switching to digital somewhere around late 2002. Back then I was mostly shooting Rock Climbing and Landscape.  I primarily made the decision to switch to digital because Canon began offering a reasonably priced full frame 35mm DSLR that far exceeded the quality of traditional 35mm film in every respect.

Deception Island Antarctica

I really enjoy getting out into the wilderness with my camera and try to spend as much of my time as possible in the field making photographs. Much of what I do in the field involves hunting for the right subject matter in combination with the right light and I frequently return to favourite locations to chase good light.

I have studied at Australian Photography Studies College in Southbank with Distinction and hold a diploma from the Australian college of Journalism in Photography.

I was appointed as Australia’s first and only Moab Master photographer in 2011 by Moa and Legion paper in the USA. I am officially represented byPhilip Kulpa and the Source Photographica gallery in Brighton Australia and by the Wilderness Gallery at Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. My photography has also been exhibited in the United States of America at international shows and expos through Moab and Legion paper. I have also exhibited at Montsalvat Art Gallery in Eltham Victoria, featured in the Nillumbik Prize in the Nillumbik shire and I have been published in many different magazines. My work has also regularly featured on the ABC news weather segment and has won numerous awards including the World Extreme Environment Photograph of the Year People’s choice Award, GOLD and SILVER at the Australian Professional Photography Awards. For a complete list of past and recent media please visit my website at www.jholko.com 

My primary photography portfolio website can also be viewed at http://www.jholko.com

At Work in a Glacial Stream in the South Island of New Zealand

Technical Details on Blog Photographs

All of the photographs on this blog are downsized and highly compressed jpegs in the SRGB colour space. SRGB is a very small colour space that is the industry standard for web based content. Much of the colour and tonal range in these small files is highly compressed and/or clipped in order to keep file size to a manageable level. The WordPress engine that drives this Blog automatically (and incorrectly) strips the SRGB profile from the file so colour (as well as other variables such as saturation) will vary significantly from monitor to monitor. The files on this blog are still protected by international copyright laws and are not suitable for print or output of any kind. Please contact me if you require larger licensed files for your purpose.

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